There is so much one can learn about home mortgage online. There are facts as well as myths that average homeowner must become aware of. One very common myth is that is cheaper to borrow on your credit cards than to take out a home equity loan. If you google home mortgage online information you will come to realize that the reverse is actually true. Generally speaking, taking out a home equity loan for all your money requirements will not only cut down on credit card debt, and reduce the threat of maxing out your credit cards, standing, it will be cheaper in the long run.

According to one article on home mortgage online information, the current interest rate established for a home equity loan is 6%, and that translates to a mere S60.00 a month repayment for every 10,000 dollars borrowed. Compare these stats with what you would be paying in payment and interest fees for the same amount borrowed on your credit cards.

According to the article on home mortgage online, your minimum credit card payment per month would be $300.00 and that is because there is a 3% of debt payment requirement regardless of how much your actual interest rates on the card will be. Now that we established that you would pay the minimum of only 3 percent of the debt occurred per month, think about the interest applied against the debt by a credit card company. We are talking about interest that is normally far greater than 6%; we are talking about 12 - 18 percent or more. Anyone can see that a home equity loan is the best option all around.

Home mortgage online information will reveal that even though credit card borrowing is often thought to be easier to get, trying to get a home equity loan does not always require proof of income. Proof of income is a touchy and scary issue for many homeowners. Many homeowners are self-employed and showing proof of income is sometimes difficult. The truth of the matter is there are several types of plans and you need to talk to a mortgage specialist to determine the one that is right for you.

Another common myth is that home equity loans would be more expensive in the long run than credit cards because of broker and brokerage fees. Actually if you study the literature available through home mortgage online sites, you will become aware that there are many brokers and companies which do not charge broker fees at all. There are more misconceptions about home mortgage online and home equity loans. For more information you can contact the mortgage store online.