We could all do with a break from time to time and I am not just talking about jet setting around the world. A break from our mortgage repayments would be very much appreciated and new deals are allowing us to do exactly that.

Flexible mortgages are becoming increasingly popular and can help you pay off your mortgage quicker. The main feature of a flexible mortgage is you can overpay on some months in order to pay off the mortgage quicker. For example, if you had overpaid 50 a month for a year you would have built up 600.00 in overpayments. This can be beneficial in two ways; first this can reduce your debt and mortgage term but secondly, if times get hard or you want to go on holiday and need the extra cash, you can skip payments up to 600.00 and still be able to pay off your mortgage by the required date.

These kinds of mortgages are extremely useful and allow customers to pay back more when you can. As interest rates on the mortgage are normally calculated daily, paying back larger installments when possible will allow you to save money over the long term.

Various companies are offering flexible mortgages and they understand that we all want to pay off our mortgage as quickly and hassle-free as possible and these types of mortgages allow customers to do exactly that. As with a normal mortgage, a flexible mortgage can be taken on an interest or repayment-only basis and as a discounted, tracker or fixed rate.

One of the most flexible types of mortgage is offset mortgages. With offset mortgages you can combine the money you may have in a savings or current account and overpay it into your mortgage. You can find the best deals on mortgages online where you can compare the various offers from the leading creditors.